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Hi Shawn, Cody Nickell suggested I get in touch. I wrote Visiting Mr. Green, which Cody starred in some years back. I have a new play, and before I ship it off to France, where it's opening in July, I just decided to have a reading this Thursday, Feb. 8 at my place on the Upper West Side from 5 to 7. I'm wondering if you might be able to play one of the four roles. I have some good actors involved. I'll probably write via your website too, to hedge my bets. I can be reached at jeffbaron18@gmail.com or 347-854-2583. Nice music. Thanks.


Hey Shawn, what's your new email? Want to come to my Juilliard class again?


Dear Mr. Fagan,
Last night I saw Henry VI, Part I, I was extremely impressed. I saw it 10 years ago at Lincoln Center with Ethan Hawke playing Hotspur. You were much better! To me you had the right balance between "hot" and "rational". (Hawke didn't.) Thanks for a very enjoyable evening.
Merrily Butler


Dear Mr. Fagan,
I saw your performance in "The Whipping Man" yesterday at the Second Stage Theater in Cleveland. Your performance was quite moving and the entire production intense. Congratulations on conveying a very important message in this play. You were quite memorable.


Mr. Fagan,
My husband and I had the extraordinary pleasure of seeing the Henry IV and V productions back to back at Playmakers in Chapel Hill this past Saturday. Your portrayal of Henry V in those 2 productions was absolutely fantastic; perhaps the very best Shakespeare character portrayal we have ever seen. We do hope we have the opportunity to see you in other productions in the future; you have a fabulous gift and we expect your career will reach great heights. All the best.


You're amazing...didn't get to see you in Misanthrope but I'm going to Wanamaker's Pursuit for sure..I took that R&J workshop when you did that at the Arden last year. You and the Arden are both great.

- a fan


Dear Shawn,
I enjoyed your challenging performance last night in Wanamaker’s Pursuit. It was fun watching you portray the varied characters. You did the name of Fagan proud.
Best of luck in all your future endeavors!
Brian Fagan
Philadelphia, PA


Shawn - I just saw you in THE MISANTHROPE. Looking thru your site, I see you did something on Andy Warhol & Peter Beard. I'd be interested to hear more about that piece.


Mr. Fagan ~
Saw The Misanthrope Friday night and thought I'd mention that my 13-yr old goddaughter, her dad and I all enjoyed your performance; in fact it was unanimously decided that you and Mr. Amendt were our favorites. Well-cast in both cases, with the "right" touch for the material. I left wondering what you might have done with the dark Alceste. If that happens sometime, I hope I'll know about it. (Please put me on your mailing list if you use one.)
Visiting your site I am intrigued by the idea of a young American's pursuit of acting the classics. I happen at present to be reading Harold Bloom's "Genius", which looks at 100 great creative minds, including, naturally, Bloom's great hero William Shakespeare and his "only valid alternative to Shakespeare," Moliere. These are rather brilliant and useful sketches of the men and women Bloom puts in his artistic pantheon, recommended reading if you come upon it.
Best of luck tonight, and in the future.
Tom Crisp NY NY


Hi Shawn, Great performance in Playboy. I love watching you act, you even look good in rags.


Hey Shawn! I was in the Shakespeare Spring Break Workshop you and Evan ran at the Arden and it was so much fun! You and Evan are such amazing people- definitely great motivation to stick with theatre. You were amazing in Romeo and Juliet - absolutely hilarious. Thanks so much for an awesome day.


dude i came and saw romeo and juliet and you kick ass we talked in our calss and we all agreed that you led the show


Shawn, I really enjoyed your performance with Chris and Christopher of the Compleat Wrks at the PA Shakespeare Festival. It was such a fun night. I can't imagine how you guys can keep up the pace. Thanks for making me laugh.


hey Shawn, I was just looking through the playbill for "Romeo and Juliet" from the Shakespeare Theatre of NJ and I remembered your take on Mercutio. I know this was awhile ago, but let me just say you did amazingly. You were seriously unbelievable... I don't even know where to begin, it was just great. People were crying when you died (girls especially). I only got to see it once but I wished I had seen it again. So yeah. You are still very remembered for that performance.


hey shawn:) along with most of the previous people to comment, i watched your performance as mercutio in romeo and juliet at drew university and i loved it, i was laughing so hard- you did a wonderful job! all everyone was talking about during intermission was their love for mercutio and how upset they were because you wouldn't be in the second act. i hope to see you onstage again:)


Hey Shawn,
Your performance in Romeo and Juliet was amazingly wonderful. You made Mercutio such a funny character, and I was laughing the entire time you were on. My class went on a trip to watch, and I didn't think that the play would be so wonderful, but it was actually better than I had expected. You did a great job, by the way. Your actions were completely random, but you still managed to keep yourself professional during the entire show. Great job! ~Biggest 14-year-old fan [= Dannah =]


Your performance of Mercutio at Drew University was amazing, outlandish, edgy, and bawdy. Your punked out bleached white hair, clothes, and mannerisms on stage transformed this character and grabbed the audience's attention. All eyes were on you. You stole the show. I enjoyed the performances of the other actors, too. Thanks for a great show.


i saw u wednesday and i loved you. When u were on stage i couldn't stop laughing and when u died i cried, i wish i could come this weekend to see u but i cant. thanks for the awesome performance.
PS ignore the words below lol



ur awesome!!!!! i saw u today at drew university in romeo annd juliet. ur sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny and u had me--and my friends--cracking up the whole time!!! ur totally my fav character and i screamed for u when u came out for curtin call
i love to act too lol
ohh yeahh-----jw and no offense lol but kissing the other dude during the sword fight was in the script and u had to do it for ur character, rite? lol srry for asking lol
any way--ur rllllllly funny and amazing lol


wow shawn! your performance today at drew university was amazing! you've made Mercutio my favorite character. the play was incredible. my friend and i really want to come see it again this weekend =)


Hi Shawn, my Shakespeare class just saw Romeo and Juliet today, and I had to say that your performance as Mercutio was astounding, witty, and a little odd (which I liked). I really though it was funny how when our class stayed to have you all answer questions; all the girls screamed and shouted when you came out onto the stage(I was one of them). Keep up the good work
Your fan,
Lauren (I love your hair by the way)


I just wanted to comment on your stellar execution of Mercutio today! You gave such life to the role, and made the entire performance worthwhile. Keep up the amazing job, you should do more shows in Jersey!


I just saw you in Romeo and Juliet at Drew, and I must tell you that you are now quite possibly my favorite Shakespeare actor of all time. Mercutio has always been my favorite character, but I don't think I can ever look at him the same way again! You were simply incredible--so daring in your approach!


Oh hey Shawn Fagan. I just went with my school and saw Romeo and Juliet, and let me say, you are amazing. i cried when you died. you made the show worth watching. just kidding. the whole production was great.


Marry Me Pleasee???


Hey Shawn,

Really enjoyed your delightful, smile-inducing performance this evening in R&J at the Shakespeare Theatre @ Drew in NJ. Didn't recall that the play was such bawdy fun when it wasn't being so intensely star-crossed, sir. Anyway, it was cool to see you are also one of the fight captains. My daughter learned much about stage fighting in her two years at the Senior Corps there, though please don't tell her (should you have any contacts there) I'm writing you a piece of fan mail; she'd bust my chops no end, as would my wife. LOL Anyway, have a great night, and continue to break a leg on stage.

Doc John (College Prof @ SPC in JC)


OMG!!! You are an AMAZING actor I just saw you in Romeo and Juliet at Drew University and you were hilarious!!! I'm your biggest fan, AAAAAAHHHHHH!
Emma <3


HI! We just say you today, in Romeo and Juliet and you were amazing. You have inspired me to take a look at acting for a career. I hope you keep up the good work and get into some good plays on Broadway or elsewhere.


Hi Shawn! Our class went to see Romeo and Juliet today! Your performance was
absolutely awesomee~ I really hope I can see you on stage again :) Your hair is soo coool and totally adorable <333 Good luck on your next performance!


My class saw the Romeo and Juliet play and we absoultey LOVED you!! you were the life of the play and when you died it wasn't as funny. Some of the gestures you did i thought was soooo funny. I absolety love your hair too. Hope i see a play with you in it again.

Tell Romeo i said Hi ( you probably won't tell him)


Hey Shawn!! Your performance was awesomee todayy! Everyone loved you :] ESPECIALLY YOUR HAIR! It's the best :]


I just went with mi class to see Romeo and Juliet and you were the best. All of mi friends absolutly loved you and if we could have we would have goten autographs. Your hair is awesome bleached by the way


I saw Romeo and Juliet today at the Shakespere Theatre of New Jersey. Everyone was amazing including you. It really helped my visualize the play because as we were reading it, it was kind of hard to understand. Well, great job, and everyone loved you. Good luck in your carrer.


SHAWN! You were amazing in Romeo and Juliet! I just saw it today with my class! BTW. your hair is amazing. You are an amaaazing actor and we actually understood your "innuendos" lol . if ya know what i mean=) lol. hope to see you on stage again! BRAVO
- Kaity


Hey, I just saw you perform as Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet. You were my favorite performer in the show and you were outrageously funny. You really have a lot of talent and I have to say thanks for letting me enjoy the show. I really loved it! Plus, I think your hair is really hot!
your biggest fan :)


I just saw your play at the Shakespeare Theater in New Jersey, and all of my friends and I thought you were phenomenal. It was hilarious, and you\'re a great actor. And your hair was really cool =]


i saw romeo and juliet wednesday (the 22nd) and i thought it was absolutely amazing. today we had a discussion about what character we like the best, and i said mercutio because i think you did an amazing job and really comitted to your character...amazing job.


hey, i just wanted to say that your performance today of the misanthrope at the dallas theater was AMAZING!!!! everyone at my skool loved your performance and you were the favorite character of practically everyone i asked!! yea, you pretty much kick ass. hahaha


cool site! Just wanted to say hello and i'll see you next week in Dallas. Looking forward to it.


Hey Shawn--

I saw you last night in the final dress rehearsal for Wittenberg at the Arden Theatre in Philly. You were very good as Hamlet (I bet THAT name goes on your CV for sure!), especially with the often tongue-twisting quality of the pseudo-Shakespearean lines. Yeah, your part is overshadowed in the play by Luther and (especialy) Faustus, but you held your own when you were on stage. I especially liked the "tennis" scene. I was seated right where several of the balls would have hit & found it hard to stop myself flinching even though I knew (consciously) that there really was no ball!

Best Regards,

Steve Shandor


Last week I saw you in Candida. You were incredible. Now, whenever I go to New York I'll make a point of checking to see if I can catch you in something.


Hey Shawn! We're in Madison, WI, actually and saw your name on an APT playbill, so I thought I'd drop a line to see of you remember us from E52 at UD. Looks like all is great with you! Look us up if you're back in WI anytime soon.

See ya,



That picture of you in tights brought back fond memories of Shakespeare in unitards...


Just when you thought you were the only Shawn Fagan out there. There are so many with the same spelling. My Web site is www.ribagpiper.com.
Shawn Fagan


Wanted to send a shout your way. Great site! Keep up the good work!


I just wanted to say that I loved your performance as Romeo at the PAC in Appleton, and I also really enjoyed your view point workshop at the university.


Hello! Two friends and I just saw you in Romeo and Juliet while you were in Wausau at the Grand Theater. You were great!


Have you gone native?