"This is really the outsider’s drive in life: to sort out the extreme situations and emotions so that in the middle you have some delicate harmonies and moments of fleeting understanding of both sides at once. Those are the magic moments."
-Peter Beard

"Purity is the opposite of integrity—the cruelest thing you can do to a person is make her ashamed of her own complexity. The stories of our lives have no morals. Any single conclusion drawn would be false; the episodes, taken together, are untranslatable, incomparable. If we are to conclude at all, we can only conclude against conclusions."
-from Fighting for Our Lives, published by CrimeThinc.

"Somehow, the way life works, people usually end up either in crowded subways and elevators, or in big rooms all by themselves. Everybody should have a big room they can go to and everybody should also ride the crowded subways. Usually people are very tired when they ride on a subway, so they can't sing and dance, but I think if they could sing and dance on a subway, they'd really enjoy it."
-Andy Warhol

"Now unity, however desirable in political agitations, is fatal to drama; for every drama must present a conflict. The end may be reconciliation or destruction; or, as in life itself, there may be no end; but the conflict is indispensible: no conflict, no drama...But the obvious conflicts of unmistakeable good with unmistakeable evil can only supply the crude drama of villain and hero, in which some absolute point of view is taken, and the dissentients are treated by the dramatist as enemies to be piously glorified or indignantly vilified. In such cheap wares I do not deal. Even in my unpleasant propagandist plays I have allowed every person his or her own point of view...to the full extent of my understanding..."
-George Bernard Shaw, in his Preface to Candida